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Farm Share = Food Share

Self-directed Box program is our version of a CSA Community Supported Agriculture program.

Self-directed Box program - Think about the stories we have heard about the local grocer giving credit. Each day individuals would come in, get things they needed and then at the end of the week they would come in and settle up. What they bought did not matter.

Move to the 21st century...this program is similar but also different.

It's the same in that you spend/choose what you want: if you want 500 heads of broccoli, that's what you can get if it's available (I would need to know about large quantities in advance to be able to plant the right amount). With each week you can make an order on-line based on what's being picked and then pick it up at your local market, or we can, like the old grocer, even deliver (we are working on how this would be done).

How it's different is that unlike the good old days of credit, we need the revenue to plant the crop. So you would pay like a standard CSA box program in advance but in our program you have an account. So why would you do that? There are a couple of reasons: the first is that if you have been in or have looked into a Box program you will know the benefits of getting your vegetables directly from the farm and knowing the farmer. The second is that in our program you have the option to get only what you want. We also ask for input on what to plant which means that you should always be able to get a good selection of produce you like.

Here is how it works:
1 year vegetable program - buy-in is $400.00

If you chose to pay the membership fee in instalments, please note
A 150.00 deposit to hold spot is due by March 15th 2022.
With remainder due by May 1st 2022.

If you chose to pay the full membership fee amount for the season is $400.00.
Sign up before Feb 15th and we will put $420.00 to you account

please enclose post dated check(s) for your total amount due, made payable toChris Marcucci (your farmer)
e-transfer to chris@cedarhedgefarm.ca password CSA2022.

All members are welcome to come out and volunteer on the farm.

• Each week you will get the weekly e-mail that will look something like this link to place your order.
• Then you pick-up on the appointed day at the location you chose.

How the fees break down.
You get $400 in your account to spend over the season. If you need to spend more it's easy because as a member you can top up your account at anytime.
When you use the "create a box" option, you pick what you want from a list provided. The season should last 18 weeks (we try to extend the season as long as we can) or so which will make it easy for you to use up your account. 
If you take the Farmer's Choice Box, its average value over the season will be $18.00 - $25.00. You can even take the weekly Farmer's Choice Box and then add to it you wish.
We are working on simplifying the system, click here for a basic idea of what the weekly e-mail will look like.
*Like a regular box program there are no carry-over to the next year. With an average weekly order there will be no problem using up your account. In the event you are away for 3 weeks an don't place an order - you don't loose anything - you just spend extra for a few weeks to use up your entire account.

*NOTE there is no carry-over to the next year.

Events Days
Due to Covid we suspended or reduced/reworked these events over the pandemic.
In 2022 we hope to get back to them, but time will tell.
The plan is to get back to our regular annual scheduled events

Planting day - a half day sometimes a bit more under the sky in the soil putting in tomatoes, peppers and other thans plants. Snacks, a light meal and a farm tour are also on the menu. - End of May

Weeding day - just a half day in the field tiding up an ocassually saving the onions.Snacks, a light meal and a farm tour are also on the menu.

Harvest day - a half day sometimes a bit more under the sky collecting the harvest of vegetables that we can store for a few weeks or many monts. Snacks, seasonal meal and maybe a small fire, are also on the menu.

As always members are welcome to drop by anytime, see how their vegetables are grow and lend a hand if they wish. We do ask that you let us know you are coming out so we can make sure that we are there and can show you around.

Delivery Points
At this point we have not confirmed the markets for 2022, Cobourg, Peterbrough and Toronto East Lynn Park. and we're looking at serving a 100 km radius. That would cover the East End of Toronto (East and York), the 401 corridor - Ajax, Pickering, Oshawa, etc through to Belleville - north to Peterborough and possibly Milton - it's out of the 100 km area but Mom likes her fresh veg.

Until the markets open we will be doing direct free home delivery for members.

Our 2021 delivery points:
Cobourg Farmers' market - Saturday from 8am to 12pm
Toronto East Lynn Farmers Market - Thursday from 2:30 pm to 7 pm MAP
Peterbrough - Downtown Wednesday Market - Wednesday from 8am to 12pm
At the Farm - Wednesday 3 pm - 7pm or Sunday 10am - 2 pm

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