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November 2013: Greenhouse frame and plastic ready for spring


In order to make the program clear we have compiled a few of the most commonly asked questions.

What will I pay?
First option - the one I hope everyone in the program takes advantage of - if you use our pre-order process and pick up at a market or pick-up location, or we deliver, our goal is to price between the regular and the organics at your local grocery store.
Second option - if you just come to the market and pick out your produce, then we may have to charge the average price at the market (which in Toronto can be 2-3 time higher than the grocery store) also some items are only grown for members.

Our goal is to be at a local market or even a shop in your area to make it easy for your to pick up your produce. Also we will be doing some deliveries (a fee may apply) and some group deliveries.
A group delivery works for 4 or more families/program members who give permission for all orders to be dropped off at one address. There would be no delivery fee. (Ex. 5 families on one street sign up and agree to have us drop off at 1 home)

What if I don't like something I ordered?
Example: "there is a spot on the tomato" or "I found a bug in the broccoli"
First we are going to do our best to produce the highest quality of food. To do that I believe we must do things as naturally as possible. When you do not use chemical fertilizers and pesticides it means that there might, well probably will be, occasionally, a spot or a bug. That said we will do out best to make sure you are happy with the produce you order and will swap some produce or take it back.

What happens if I use all of my account before the end of season and still want to get fresh produce?
This is not a problem. As a member you will still be entitled to make orders and receive the same pricing. Then you can pay for the produce when picked-up or delivered.

What happens if I don't use my account balance in the year?
Basicall there is no carry over - (use it or loose it) - The goal and the reason that our program is inexpensive is to make sure if you like vegetables you should be able to easly use your account. If there are extenuating circumstances we will carry over up to 25% for 1 year.

How do I sign up?
That's easy: just drop me an e-mail and I will send you a package or use the on-line sign-up form.

What can I get?
We are in the planning stage for this year. In the sign up package there will be a list of potential produce for you to choose from. Based on the information we collect, we'll be putting together a final list. Here is the list of basics that we hope to grow.

Beans-Green Eggplants Potatoes
Beans-Yellow Garlic Pumpkins
Beets Green Onion Radish
Bok Choy Ground Cherries Rutabaga
Broccoli Kale Spanish Onion
Brussels Sprouts Kohlrabi Spinach
Cabbage Leeks Squash
Cantaloupe Lettuce Swiss Chard
Carrots Parsnips Tomatoes
Cauliflower Peas Turnip
Celery Pepper-Sweet & Hot Watermelon


When can I get it?
The basic growing season in Ontario is from May to November. The basic box option is available for 16-18 weeks starting in June and going until October. That said, there are some products (like carrots) that we'll be able to harvest and hopefully provide into the new year on an order basis. Also in the future we hope to have no waste in that we will process what we don't sell, by either canning or freezing, and these will be available for purchase as well we will be sending excess to the Local Food Bank..

Can I visit the farm?
Please come out, we hope to have a couple of events but we'll also have a vegetable stand and as we're growing food for you, we would be happy to show you around the farm. We'll even let you help.



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