Cedar Hedge Farm
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Note: Due to the coronavirus all CSA deliveries will be direct to members home.

Welcome to Cedar Hedge Farm 

A small farm located on HWY 28 (Country Road 28) in Northumberland County.
The focus of the farm is to work with nature and the land to produce healthy food that is connected to the land it grows on. 

Member of the bug control team

As stewards of the land it's our responsibility to make sure not only the food but also the land is healthy. By using natural fertilizers, botanicals and companion planting as well as fostering an environment for predatory birds and bugs, we have no need for commercial, man-made chemicals.

A farm is a community of people, animals, bugs and plants that supports and is supported by the greater community around it. 

Unfortunately as with most businesses, we had to deal with COVID. We adapted. 2020 we faced not only COVID but a 12 week drought. We spent probably 50% of our time carrying water to keep things alive. The effect was a poor crop and in some cases no crop.

So as much as I hate asking for help, that’s what we have to do if we wish to continue to feed people in the community. Below is a link to a Go Fund Me to help with a watering system. If you would like to help or if you could pass it along it would be very appreciated.

To find out more about our Go Fund Me click here

Self-directed Box program CSA

There are a few spaces available in our Self-directed Box program CSA for the upcoming season. We provide only what we produce, so you know the farm and the farmer. Download form

Learn More about the Self-directed Box program.

 If you would like to know what's happening on the farm, follow our blog Seed And Seasons

Volunteers - Farming is hard work but it's rewarding work - if you would like to give it a try we can always use a hand.

Drop us an e-mail at chris@cedarhedgefarm.ca and we can get you started.





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